We are situated in between the Urdaibai and Urkiola national parks; a privileged place, whatever way you look at it.

Unesco named Urdaibai a Biosphere Reserve in 1984 for being one of the most important wetlands in Europe, and for its thriving habitats.

The shape of the beaches change continuously with the tides, giving rise to a constantly transforming landscape, where open sea is transformed into a sandbank veined with rivulets… making for some truly amazing views.


Urkiola was classified as a national park in 1989 in order to protect its important natural resources. The park incorporates the Aramotz and Arangio ranges and the mountains of the Duranguesado.

The rich landscape of Urkiola is prized throughout the Basque Country, while the mountain itself is representative of the Atlantic ranges.


Because of being where we are, it is only right we make the most of the products the region has to offer. You must take the opportunity to taste the many delicacies nature provides, including Idiazabal cheese, produce of nearby Magunas, and Txakoli (sharp-tasting Basque wine) from Oxinbaltza (Biscay’s Txakoli vineyard and winery).